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Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for a trial is a busy and complex process, and many attorneys and firms are not aware that jury consultants can help provide substantial support and assistance during this important time. At Clarity Jury Consulting, we have spent our careers helping attorneys enter the courtroom as well-equipped as possible, and we are ready to put these years of experience to work for you. Learn more about what we can do for you by browsing some of the questions we are asked most frequently, along with their answers. To learn more, call us today at .

Why do I need the help of a jury consultant?

Even with years of experience under your belt, it can sometimes be difficult to view your case objectively when you’ve spent so much time working so closely on it. At Clarity Jury Consulting, we can help bring an objective eye to your arguments and help you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a potential case. Additionally, we know how to use scientifically-based analysis to evaluate different aspects of your case and potential juror reactions so that you can rest assured your case is built on the firmest foundation possible.

Do you create or just provide advice regarding trial graphics and other visuals?

At Clarity Jury Consulting, our experienced team of graphic designers will actually create the animations, models, and other visual elements your case needs to leave a lasting impression on jurors. Additionally, these artists will collaborate with our jury consultants so that the overall strategy for your case extends to these visual items. We want to make sure that everything you say or show serves to advance your case, and so we take careful step to make sure the graphics for your trial are both compelling and effective.

Can you help me get my witnesses ready for trial?

Yes. Witness preparation is a huge part of the work we do. Everything that happens during a trial will have a significant effect on jurors, and no matter how prepared you are, if one of your witnesses is perceived in any way as untrustworthy or unreliable, your case could suffer a devastating blow. As such, we work closely with witnesses to make sure they are well-prepared for the courtroom experience and that they can deliver honest, trustworthy testimony that will strengthen your case.

Who do you use for focus groups?

At Clarity Jury Consulting, we believe that in order for you to get the most out of a focus group or mock trial experience, you can’t just use anyone willing to participate to make up your mock jury. As such, we can carefully evaluate the details of your case and create a mock jury that is filled with individuals from demographics that are likely to match those that will be present in your case. We understand courtroom dynamics and as such, put our years of experience to work creating a mock jury that will truly provide you with the information and insight you need.

What post-trial services do you offer?

While the majority of the work we do is focused on pre-trial prep or creating graphics for your trial itself, we also offer extremely valuable post-trial services as well. This primarily takes the form of post-trial jury questionnaires. Understanding why a jury voted the way they did can be an invaluable piece of insight for you to have when approaching future trials. Additionally, we frequently work with individuals who want to issue post-trial questionnaires to jurors in cases they were not involved in, but contain elements that are similar to cases for which they may be preparing. To learn more about our full range of jury consulting services, call Clarity Jury Consulting today.