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Jury Selection

Jury selection is, without a doubt, one of the most important parts of pretrial. In addition to building a strong and comprehensive case for your client, choosing a jury that can truly deliver a fair assessment of your client’s situation can make the difference between a favorable and unfavorable verdict. Unfortunately, making the best jury selections possible is easier said than done.

At Clarity Jury Consulting, we understand that the number of pretrial activities you have on your plate can leave you thinly spread, so we want to help you make the best use of your time by putting our years of experience and scientific understanding to work for you when it comes to jury selection. Our methods are based on up-to-date scientific understandings, allowing you to make fully-informed and confident decisions when it comes time to select jurors for your case.

The Benefits of Our Jury Selection Services

At Clarity Jury Consulting, we have considerable experience helping clients with a variety of jury consulting services, including scientifically based and specially-tailored jury selection assistance that can help with the following:

  • Build a comprehensive understanding of potential jurors’ attitudes, opinions, and points of view on matters that could influence their view of your client
  • Identify potential jurors who may not be able to treat your client fairly
  • Help you secure the juror information you need as quickly and effectively as possible
  • Effectively analyze pretrial questionnaires or interviews

If you need a scientifically based assessment of potential jurors for an upcoming trial, the experienced and knowledgeable team at Clarity Jury Consulting is ready to go to work for you.

Contact a Jury Selection Professional to Learn More

From pretrial questionnaires to interviews, our experienced team at Clarity Jury Consulting can take care of everything you need to make informed and well-founded jury selections for an upcoming case. Call us today at to learn more about how our services can advantage you and your client.