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About Clarity Jury Consulting

Clarity Jury Consulting is a fully integrated company serving law firms throughout the USA engage at every level and in all aspects of the pretrial, trail and post-trial process.  Whether you are a large corporation, a small firm or an individual, Clarity Jury Consulting leverages the most cutting edge technology, innovation, research, and analysis to enhance your practice.  We offer the most advanced and cost-effective solutions to today’s legal challenges.

We are driven by our belief in the principles of justice and mercy.  And although justice is the responsibility of the court, Clarity Jury Consulting assists attorneys by enhancing and promoting the best possible adversarial position.  Put simply, we help you to identify your target audience—jurors that will be most receptive to your case.  Then, we help you to devise a strategy that will best persuade the jurors, judges, and arbitrators to rule in your favor.  Our process is iterative as well as flexible.  We pride ourselves in staying one step ahead of the competition and we never lose sight of why we’re in business: to give our clients the edge in every aspect of their case.

We therefore remain committed to the highest levels of client satisfaction by employing the most talented and competent individuals in the industry.  Our expertise in psychology and the law enables us to effectively and accurately predict and influence the decision making process thereby increasing our client’s probability of success.