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Clarity Jury Consulting Client Wins Product Liability Trial

Posted on Friday, November 19th, 2021 at 7:41 am    

Clarity Jury Consulting Client Wins Product Liability Trial

We are proud to announce that our client, law firm Zinder & Koch, has successfully defended a manufacturing company (LG Industries, Inc) in a product liability jury trial in California state court.

The trial revolved around an aerial work platform (scissor lift) that was alleged to have a defective guard chain, causing a glass worker to fall from it during a renovation job. Attorneys Jeffrey Zinder, Esq. and Brook Laskey, Esq. readily accepted the defense for the lift manufacturer, JLG Industries, Inc.

Part of their defense strategy was to enlist Clarity Jury Consulting for sharp insight during jury selection and enhancing the lawyers’ arguments in court.

Jury insight is crucial in a products liability case. During trial, a defense attorney wants a jury that is able to grasp the technicalities of the product in question, and is likely to be open minded and fair to hearing the arguments for the defense’s position. The attorney also has to ensure that their defensive argument is targeted to the jury in front of them – it has to be the most compelling argument that each juror will hear.

This is more challenging in states like California, where a strict liability standard applies. A plaintiff does not have to prove negligence on the part of the manufacturer. A product defect could be enough to hold the manufacturer liable.

The defense lawyers in this case wanted to be as well-prepared and strategic as possible, hence they called on us at Clarity Jury Consulting. Our work with them spanned the pre-trial and trial stages, with services such as:

  • Creating juror profiles and assisting in juror selection
  • Conducting mock trials and focus groups to target juror reactions
  • Conducting pre-trial research and analyses
  • Developing effective courtroom arguments
  • Preparing witnesses to maintain favorable presentation under questioning
  • Creating compelling presentations for the jury
  • Post jury interviews.

Ultimately, the defense effectively convinced the jury that the accident occurred not because of the manufacturer’s product but because of the plaintiff’s unsafe behavior while at work. The jury verdict was in favor of the defense.

We congratulate Attorneys Zinder and Laskey for this success, and are thankful for the privilege of helping achieve it.

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