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Witness Preparation

In any courtroom setting, there are only so many elements that you can have complete control over. While you may believe you have developed a strong argument and executed an effective delivery, the truth is that the appearance, demeanor, and message delivered by any of your witnesses have the ability to make or break your case. As such, effective witness preparation is an essential part of any effective case.

At Clarity Jury Consulting, our witness preparation professionals know exactly what it takes to effectively coach your witnesses to deliver honest and convincing testimony that juries will find credible. Regardless of the type of case at hand or the testimony you need your witness to deliver, we know what it takes to effectively prepare your witness so that they will help, and not hurt, your case.

Our Witness Preparation Services

Speaking under oath and in front of a courtroom for the first time can be an overwhelming and often frightening experience. Unfortunately, for some witnesses, this pressure results in behaviors that a jury may misinterpret as being untrustworthy or suspicious. By working with Clarity Jury Consulting, however, we are prepared to help prepare your witnesses through the following:

  • Identifying nervous behaviors or tics that can come across as dishonest
  • Preparing witnesses to speak in front of a potentially large group of strangers
  • Ensuring witness credibility
  • Recreating situations that mirror what witnesses will experience in the courtroom
  • Identifying potential weaknesses in witness testimony or personality

Meeting with you and other legal professionals is not enough to prepare your witnesses for the actual courtroom experience. As such, let our team put our years of experience and understanding of courtroom psychology to work for you as we make sure your witnesses are ready for trial.

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