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Physical Models

When it comes to the most important details of a legal argument, a tangible, physical model can often have a far greater effect on the opinions and impressions of jurors than words alone. That’s why at Clarity Jury Consulting, we are committed to constructing evocative, physical models that can really help an attorney emphasize key points in a case.

We live in an incredibly visual culture, and as such, the impact that a clear, captivating physical model can have on the strength of your case cannot be understated. For many of your potential jurors, a physical model will be able to convey your argument and have an effect that words never could. However, for a physical model to have this kind of impact, it’s important that it is well designed and professionally executed.

Clarity Jury Consulting‘s Physical Models

At Clarity Jury Consulting, our artists work closely with our jury consulting team so that your final product not only looks good, but has also been tailored to elicit the response you are looking for from a judge or jurors. We know that no two cases are the same, and as such, our team will spend significant time with you so that we can best understand the goals of your case, analyze likely juror reactions and perceptions, and create physical models that can:

  • Help explain potentially confusing elements of your argument
  • Evoke an emotional response from jurors by helping them better identify with your client
  • Create a lasting memory for jurors

Our team at Clarity Jury Consulting has the analytical understanding of courtroom psychology and the artistic and design skills necessary to execute effective and attractive physical models that truly make a world of difference in terms of juror understanding, perception, and reaction.

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