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Jury Questionnaires

During the process of voir dire, you hope to get nothing but the most honest and revealing answers from potential jurors, allowing you to make the best selections possible for you and your client. Unfortunately, the reality is that in face-to-face questioning, potential jurors often lie or fail to reveal complete truths, usually out of concern for how they will be perceived.

Because of this reality, well-crafted jury questionnaires can provide you with a much easier and more convenient way to get an accurate, honest understanding of your client’s potential jurors. At Clarity Jury Consulting, our experienced team has spent years creating scientifically based jury questionnaires that help attorneys develop a comprehensive and honest view of potential jurors, thus allowing you to make fully informed, confident decisions during jury selection.

Benefits of Our Jury Questionnaires

In addition to the increased time efficiency and convenience in comparison to face-to-face jury interviews, Clarity Jury Consulting’s jury questionnaires can help make your pretrial efforts as effective as possible through the following:

  • Comprehensive insight into potential jurors’ beliefs, values, past experiences, and attitudes
  • A time-effective way to garner everything you need to know about potential jury members
  • Questionnaires that adhere to all legal parameters
  • Questionnaires uniquely tailored to each client

In addition to providing you with our state-of-the-art jury questionnaires, we also provide services to help you interpret the answers you are provided with, should you need any assistance with analyzing the data gathered from potential jurors.

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At Clarity Jury Consulting, we hand-tailor our jury questionnaires to match the unique details of your case and your client’s needs. Contact us today by calling to discuss your case with us and find out more specifically how we can create a scientifically based, one-of-a-kind questionnaire to meet all your jury selection needs.