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Jury Focus Groups

Every detail of a case, from presented evidence to attorney arguments to minute details like body language, can have a significant impact on a juror’s attitude and ultimately, their impression of a case. Using the wrong tone of voice or asking the wrong questions can have an incredible impact on the outcome of your case, so you don’t want to wait until you’re in court to find out how a jury will respond to what you’ve prepared.

As such, the assistance of targeted, specialized focus groups can be invaluable in helping you determine which tactics work and don’t work in any given case. At Clarity Jury Consulting, our experienced team can help you create a focus group of any size, filled with participants who will match likely jury candidates. We utilize some of the most advanced, scientifically-based tactics available to help us observe and record the mood, attitude, and impressions of focus group members, and can help you analyze this information to benefit and strengthen your case.

The Benefits of Jury Focus Groups

A well-run focus group that is specifically tailored to your upcoming case can provide you with a wealth of information that is necessary if you want your arguments to be as convincing and powerful as possible in court. As such, we can provide you with a range of focus group services, including the following:

  • Groups of any size to fit any need or budget
  • Groups that are similar in demographics to likely jury candidates
  • Continuous monitoring of focus groups in order to capture even the smallest reactions
  • Analysis of focus group reactions to help you fully understand possible juror opinions and perceptions

Effective focus groups can help you spend your time on the details that matter the most in your case, and thus allow you to avoid any possible arguments or discussions that could result in adverse jury opinions. Contact Clarity Jury Consulting today to get started building the strongest case possible.

Contact a Jury Focus Group Professional for Help

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