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Trial Exhibits

No matter how convincing your arguments happen to be in court, few things have the power to stick in a juror’s mind like a captivating visual trial exhibit. Clean, professionally-created visuals have the ability to bring your case to life and present your arguments in an especially convincing and powerful way.

Unfortunately, if your trial exhibit is not well-done and professional in its appearance, it actually has the power to detract from your overall argument. As such, you want to make sure that you are working with the best graphic designers and jury consultants in the business when you put your trial exhibits together. At Clarity Jury Consulting, our team of jury consultants and graphic designers have been working closely for years, and know exactly what it takes to create clean, professional trial exhibits that can really speak to jurors and bolster your case.

Our Trial Exhibits

Trial exhibits are not a one-size-fits-all service, and having graphics and visuals that truly add to your case requires careful planning, analysis, and expert execution. At Clarity Jury Consulting, we know what it takes to create a trial exhibit that can truly improve your overall argument. We craft our exhibits by:

  • Meeting with you one-on-one to get a full understanding of your case and the arguments you’re trying to convey and/or reinforce
  • Incorporating our jury consultants together with our graphic designers to create trial exhibits that are both visually appealing and convincing to jurors
  • Scaling the size of your exhibit to meet your specific needs

Every case is unique and needs an equally unique trial exhibit to help bring it to life. At Clarity Jury Consulting, we know what it takes to capture the attention of jurors and help make a strong impact on them.

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Make sure that your case appeals to jurors on all fronts by enlisting our experienced team of jury consultants and graphic designers to create the very best in trial exhibits today. Contact Clarity Jury Consulting at to learn more about our specific services and let us get started developing the clean, polished visuals that your case needs.