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3D Animations

Animation in any form can add significant strength and value to your case presentation, helping you bring abstract ideas and events to life right in front of the eyes of your jurors. While 2D animations can provide the visual information that many cases require, there are some examples and situations that necessitate an even more comprehensive presentation. In these instances, 3D animation can provide jurors with a convincing, complete visualization of the arguments you’re making in your case.

The execution of professional, effective 3D animations is often a difficult task, but fortunately, our team of animation experts and jury consultants at Clarity Jury Consulting can help you create animations that not only look great, but also speak to the jurors in your case in a way that helps bolster your case and leave a lasting impression.

Uses for 3D Animation

There is a seemingly endless list of potential uses for high-quality 3D animation in legal cases of all kinds, but some stand out as being most common, including the following:

  • Recreating accident scenes
  • Looking at dispersal rates of different materials
  • Highlighting how a product or machine is supposed to work/function
  • Examining the positioning of people in relation to other individuals or objects

In all of these instances, 3D animation can not only have a particularly convincing and persuasive effect on jurors, but it can also help maintain high levels of juror engagement during the most crucial parts of your case.

Learn More about Our 3D Animation Services

The specific benefits of 3D animation for your case are likely many and varied, and at Clarity Jury Consulting, we are ready to put the incredible skills and experience of our animators and jury consultants to work creating animations that will captivate, engage, and convince the jurors in your case. If you would like to learn more about the services we have available, call us today at .