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Leticia Ostler

leticiabio2Leticia Oslter has 20 years of experience as a litigation consultant. She is trained in the effective use of neuroscience research in the courtroom. In addition, she is a seasoned consultant with extensive jury trial and litigation experience. She is very accustomed to the complex nature of civil and criminal matters. She not only specializes in legal psychology and sponsorship, She is a trained expert in catastrophic injuries, and one who can quickly recognize unfavorable performance deficits and anticipate potential performance drawbacks that may be overlooked by even the most judicious attorney.

She has been responsible for creating and offering strategic recommendations to improve persuasive communications based on the analysis and interpretations of quantitative and qualitative examination. She has advised clients on jury selection using multi-dimensional profiling and forensic models designed to recognize jurors bias throughout the Voir Dire process. She has assessed and assisted fact and expert witnesses preparing to testify at trial. She has created and executed sophisticated jury forensic research methodologies and procedures to manage every aspect of a case for clients and their advocate.

Leticia Ostler has consulted and participated in the preparation of complex civil and criminal cases for trial in both federal and state courts. Her devotion, attention to detail, tenacity, trustworthiness, and toughness are a tribute to her mother’s influence on her life.

When she is not working tirelessly as an advocate for her clients, she spends time with her family, exercising, an avid runner, plays volleyball, travels, and attends church regularly.