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Jeremy Ostler

jeremybio2Jeremy Ostler was an interrogator and linguist in the military intelligence. As an interrogator he was trained and certified in analytical methods, operations, counterintelligence and force protection operations, interrogations, and legal principles. His expertise in reading, profiling, and exploiting human intelligence makes him an invaluable asset in conducting jury consulting services. He learned to speak Spanish while living in Nicaragua and Mandarin Chinese while studying at the Defense Language Institute. Following his service in the military he joined Booz Allen Hamilton as an intelligence analyst.

After working in the intelligence community for over a decade, Mr. Ostler decided it was time to leverage his expertise to help trial lawyers and litigators prevail in successfully persuading judges, juries and arbitrators in trial and arbitration.

Mr. Ostler lives with his wife, Rebecca and their four children, Isaac, Tristan, Charlize, and Noah. He can be contacted at jostler@clarityjuryconsulting.com.