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Merilee Kern

Merilee Kern, MBA is an internationally-regarded, senior-level public relations, communications, branding and content analyst, strategist and tactician. Through her 20-plus year career, she’s worked with companies, firms, agencies, brands, C-suite executives, thought leaders and other subject matter experts worldwide across a wide array of B2B and B2C sectors. 

As Clarity’s Communications Chief, Kern helps optimize and scale the agency’s publicity and content output—both for the firm, itself, as well as its clientele. In this role, Kern strategizes and produces exceptional PR campaigns and creative content, providing clients with an unparalleled and seamless jury and trial consulting experience. Among other key mandates, her role is focused on maximizing client satisfaction, leveraging data-driven insights, generating influential ideation, and delivering high standards of tactical excellence relative to content and communications. Kern’s work also enhances Clarity’s ability to create and offer unsurpassed strategic recommendations to improve persuasive communications based on the analysis and interpretations of quantitative and qualitative examination. Her work also helps the firm articulate the results of its multi-dimensional profiling and forensic models designed to recognize juror bias throughout the Voir Dire process, and in the preparation of witnesses slated to testify at trial.

Kern has worked with some of the world’s top CEOs and other industry thought leaders seeking to curate an impactful personal and business presence in the marketplace. She crafts comprehensive publicity and brand-building initiatives—and broad spectrum planning documents—with strategies designed to increase industry visibility and credibility, cultivate a favorable brand persona, drive value, and foster marketplace differentiation. She is known for ideating, blueprinting, implementing and overseeing powerful and persuasive data-driven PR and communications initiatives that are timely, relevant and compelling in the current news cycle— and the marketplace at large. Her multifaceted PR and communications work plays a pivotal role shaping the narrative around a personal or business brand’s mission, thought leadership, products/services, and overarching strategic objectives.

By staying attuned to evolving trends and with a deep passion—and extreme aptitude—for storytelling, Kern specializes in content, publicity and other communications initiatives that connect with target audiences through various mediums and platforms. Her strength lies in using tools, data insights and innovative tactics to amplify messaging and positioning, enhance personal or business brand presence, and build meaningful connections with the press, influencers and audiences, alike.

With an outcome-oriented mindset, Kern is proficient at adapting to the changing media and digital landscape and crafting impactful human- to-human narratives that foster positive reputation building, boost revenues and contribute to business growth overall. Over two decades, she has successfully executed thousands of publicity campaigns, taking story ideas from concept to launch and creating resonant themes across media relations, social media, business development initiatives, marketing and internal messaging.

She offers clients a forward-thinking value proposition centered on enhancing brand visibility and reputation, strategic engagement with key stakeholders and delivering on KPIs. This can include, but is certainly not limited to, gained media coverage; the quality, volume, reach and relevance of press mentions; development of articles, blogs, newsletters and editorial features; media interviews; sentiment of coverage; web site traffic; lead generation; social media engagement; brand awareness; client acquisition, and other ROI drivers.

Over the course of her career, Kern has been fortunate to work closely with world leading CEOs, executives and corporate brands, including Fortune 500 companies, multi-billion dollar businesses in both hemispheres, Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies, high potential early-stage businesses, bestselling authors and elite athletes transitioning to the entrepreneurial world. Kern is a venerated industry expert with her own thought leadership having been featured in Forbes.com, FastCompany.com, Newsweek.com and other esteemed publications. In fact, as an industry voice of authority, her byline articles have been published by over 450 media outlets worldwide. Kern has worked with firms, agencies, companies, brands, C-suite thought leaders and subject matter experts worldwide across a wide array of B2B and B2C sectors. For over two decades, Kern has strategized and managed innovative initiatives that have driven visibility, growth and profitability for throngs of clients around the world.